Chicago Union Station Master Plan Study – Second Stage Technical Memorandum No. 1:

December 2013

Chicago Union Station Master Plan Study – First Stage Brochure:

May 2012

First Stage Brochure

Chicago Union Station Master Plan Study – First Stage Final Report:

May 2012

First Stage Final Report

You Can View The First Stage Final Report by Section:

0 – Cover and Executive Summary.pdf

1 – Introduction.pdf

2 – History.pdf

3 – Background.pdf

4 – Ideas for Improvements.pdf

5 – Public Involvement.pdf

6 – Next Steps and Credits.pdf

Appendix A-Historical Items.pdf

Appendix B-Street Level Operations.pdf

Appendix C-Medium Term Ideas.pdf

Appendix D-Long Term-Visionary Ideas.pdf

Appendix E-Real Estate Issues & Opportunities.pdf

Appendix F-Alternatives Not Advanced.pdf

Appendix G-Media Articles.pdf

Appendix H-Chicago Union Station Projects in Context.pdf

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