Next Steps

This master planning study has advanced and developed numerous ideas that are intended to address major functional and operational issues affecting Chicago Union Station in the short, medium, and long term. The next steps for these ideas vary, but all involve proceeding with further planning, design, and/or construction to achieve the benefits identified in the preceding chapters. The overarching objective is to move each of these projects from ideas into construction and operation.

The next stage of the Union Station Master Plan Study, involving simulation of train and station operations, will more precisely quantify the capacity increase that may be expected from each of the Medium Term ideas. Once the scale of these potential capacity improvements is known, the Union Station stakeholders will be able to compare the projected future growth in travel demand through the station with the “Medium Term” ideas in this study are focused on resolving serious operational shortcomings that have a direct impact on the ability of Union Station to serve a growing number of passengers.  cumulative potential capacity increase from these projects and effectively determine how many years’ worth of growth the Medium Term improvements will provide. In essence, the upcoming modeling analysis will define just how long the “medium term” is likely to be, and how soon the stakeholders will need to begin more serious consideration of the “long term/visionary” ideas for increasing capacity and improving the station’s functionality.

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