Long Term/Visionary Ideas

New building and station concept at 300 block of S. Canal / Riverside Plaza


The study has developed concepts for increasing passenger handling capacity and improving the traveler experience by significantly expanding or completely replacing the existing intercity and/or commuter station facilities. These plans include two alternatives:

  • Development of a new passenger train station facility in the 300 S. Riverside block, to be constructed on air rights over Union Station’s south tracks (which are owned by Amtrak) and integrating parts of the existing office building on this block
  • Development of a completely new commuter and intercity passenger train station in the 200 S. Riverside block (replacing the structures currently on this block)


New building and station concept at 200 block of S. Canal / Riverside Plaza


The study has also investigated two concepts for adding additional track and platform capacity in underground alignments that bypass and augment Union Station’s existing track and platform infrastructure. These plans would entail construction of functionally equivalent subway tunnels on one of two alternative alignments, Clinton Street or Canal Street.



For more information, please download the full report.


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