Short Term Ideas

Two upcoming CDOT projects, Central Loop Bus Rapid Transit and Union Station Transit Center, will improve local street traffic flow and curbside access to Union Station. The Central Loop Bus Rapid Transit project will improve bus lanes and auto/taxi pick-up and drop-off facilities adjacent to the station on Canal Street while also providing enhanced Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus connections between the station and the Central and East Loop areas. More information is available at .

CanalStreetThis rendering depicts an airport-like traffic island that will be created in the middle of Canal Street, providing more curb space in the block between Jackson and Adams. Taxis and private autos will use the new island and CTA and private buses (including Amtrak buses) will board and alight on the existing curb and sidewalk. The Union Station Transit Center project will create an off-street CTA bus terminal on the site of an existing surface parking lot south of Jackson, between Canal and Clinton. It will provide direct, weather protected connections between the station and CTA buses while also relieving congestion on some of the nearby streets. Both of these CDOT led USTCRenderingsinitiatives are scheduled to start construction in 2014. More information and images for these projects are contained in the Chicago Union Station Master Plan Study’s Second Stage Tech Memo No. 1. 

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